Terms of delivery

Webshops terms of delivery

Valid from 01.04.2017

General knowledge about webshop

The Real Bitch Company Oy FI26493173 owns this webshop.  We sell products and services only for major persons inside Finland and EU. All the announced product proces includes VAT. We detail right to change our prices and postage.

Placing and order

Major customers are able to order our products and services from our website www.therealbitchcompany.com/www.cindysun.fi.

All the orders are confirmed with a mail, where we announce the price, dispatching costs and products you orderd. If you wish to receive a confirmation of your order we demand your email adress.

Customer covenants to valid terms of delivery every time orderd.

Method of payments

Products, services and dispatching costs are payed when orderd. You are able to pay with a Finnish banks´payment buttons which are Nordea, OP Bank, POP Bank, Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, S-Bank, The Bank of Åland and LähiTapiola Bank and also with a credit card. Payments service is provided by Checkout Finland Oy FI21966066. You are also able to pay your order in advance.

Payment service

Checkout Finland Oy FI21966066 is providing this sites payment service, www.checkout.fi.

Payment by bank

Checkout Finland Oy (2196606-6) transmits the payment to the merchant. You have acces to all the Finnish banks´payment buttons, which means you can pay with Nordea, OP Bank, POP bank, Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, S-Bank, the Bank of Åland and LähiTapiola bank. The payers account statement will show Checkout Finland Oy as the receiver of the payment. The payment will be transferred to the mercant by Checkout Finland Oy.

Payment by credit card

Payments by Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, and Debit MasterCards are available. Card payments are made safe by Nets SSL-secured payment method. The web shop or Checkout Finaldn Oy has no acces to your card information. No card information is stored in our systems. Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode verification are enabled if active on your card.

This shop uses services provided by Checkout Finland Oy (2196606-6) for card payments. The shop works as a marketer of products and services, as well as supplier of products to the customer. The web shop is responsible for the statutory trade-related and self-determined obligations. With credit card payments, trade is between the client and Checkout Finland Oy. Checkout Finland Oy is responsible for the obligations and claims related to card payments. Checkout is shown on the payers card invoice and transmits funds paid by the customer directly to the mercanht.

Payment in advance

We send our products or start to process your order when we receive your payment to our bank account. Customized products will get to production line when the payment is received. We do not deliver orders by cash on delivery.

Our bank connection is IBAN FI98 5716 9020 0298 51, BIC/SWIFT: OKOYFIHH.

We hadle the orders by our stores opening hours, when the payment is received. After you got the advanc bill we hold your order for 3 business days. If we havent received your payment by then the deal is off.

Delivery time

Delivery time depends on a product. We mail orders in every business days. Custom products ( custom videos, fan products etc.) are usually mailer in 5 business days. New products usually have 1-4 business days delivery time.

If there is any changes in delivery times we will announce it.

Dispatching costs

Dispathing costs includes mail and package costs. You are able to see dispatching costs when you choose delivery from shopping basket. We mail orders either in a package or in a max letter.

Return policy

All new products has 14 days right for trade or refunds, by Finnish law. A right for return is valid only if the product is still on its original package, unused and vendible.

Please attach to your return these informations:

Customer number, name, adress and phone number

Bank account

A copy of the the orders confirmation

Adress where to send returns:

The Real Bitch Company Oy
PL 65
40101 Jyväskylä

We do not accept returns that are made after 14 days of delivery. When return is accepted, your money is returned straight to your bank account.

There is no return policy for customized products like web shows/packages, custom videos&photos, or used fan products etc. There is no posibility to receive your money bakc after you made the order and paid it. Paid custom product/service is always binding order.

Products broken in a delivery

If the product you have order has damaged or broken in a delivery, customer is reliable to make an immediate notification to post office, or to the bill of landing an annoucment of damages with a drivers signature. Afetr notices you can contact to The Real Bitch Company customer service info@cindysun.fi and make an agreement about delivering new product.

Announcement of a broken or wrong product has to be made before 14 days has past of delivery of the product.


We hold the right to change our terms of delivery.  Customer is obligated to read terms of delivery before making an order.

The Real Bitch Company Oy holds all information about customers confidentially.

The Real Bitch Company Oy do not give the information about customers to any third party.

Inside Finland we deliver
Max letters 6,9€
Package 8,9€