Terms and conditions

Customer service
If you have any questions about ordering products or videos from our site, please contact our customerservise.
Our customerservise is open from Monday to Friday between 10am to 4pm (UTC 02:00). 
Phone number +358447590928.
You can contact us by email info@cindysun.fi. We will respond to youre mail within 24 hours on weekdays.
Terms of delivery
1 Age limit
This site is only for adults.
1.1 Entering the site

All information and pictures in this web site are onlu for users who are legally adults. This site is absolutely prohibited from minors. When customer enters this website he confirms that he is adult. The Real Bitch Company Oy is not responsible if customer is not honest. 

1.2 Products

All the products customer is able to buy from site www.therealbitchcompany.com/www.cindysun.fi are only for adults. Minors are not allowed to order products from this web site. Customers have to connfirm that they are adults when they enter this website. The Real Bitch Company Oy is not responsible if customer is not honest. 

2 Registry
2.1 By registrying as a customer to this site you make your shopping more ease in future. The Real Bitch Company Oy is keeping their customer register confidential. The Real Bitch Company Oy covenants not to give any information about their customer register to third partys. 
2.2 Customer is responsible to use web store with attention and caution.
3 Orders validity
3.1 In isolated orders the contract between company and customer stands when customer have paid their order. After customer have paid their order, The Real Bitch Comapny Oy is obligated to deliver order (product, webshow, package webshow, login) to customer. All orders are obligated and there is no return policy or cancellation rights . 
3.2 Websites membership is valid after custer have paid their membership. Membership renews automatically if customer doesnt cancel their membership. There is no return policy or cancellation rights in memberships. 
4 Technical problems
4.1 If customer finds any tehcnical issues when using this site he can contact to The Real Bitch Company Oy customer service. Customer is obligated to keep his computer etc. technical equipments updated and upkeeped, because that makes use of this website easier. The Real Bitch Company Oy is not making any repayments if video product doesnt satisfy customers needs or expectations in any way (technical,mental etc.). The Real Bitch Company Oy is not accountable of customers tehnical equipments (computer etc.) and thats why the company is not responsible if video product doesnt work on customers computer etc. in a way it should be working. Even though customer does always have a right to give feedback to the customer service.
5 Prices
5.1 The Real Bitch Company Oy annouces prices of their products at their websites. Prices are announced in euros (€) and prices include VAT.
5.2 Customer is always paying the shipping costs. Shipping costs are added to orders when going to checkout.
5.3 The Real Bitch Company desist the right to deliver the products in case of pricing mistake. 
6 Delivery
6.1 If customer is paying several products whit several delivery time, all the products are delivered as the latest delivery time products. 
6.2 The Real Bitch Company Oy delivers their product to several countries. Customer is responsible of all the shipping costs and possible rate of dutys. 
6.3 All the products are delivered by Posti, if the company and customer doesnt agree something else. 
7 Terms of payment

7.1 Payment by bank


Checkout Finland Oy(2196606-6) transmits the payment to the merchant. You have access to all the Finnish banks' payment buttons, which means you can pay with Nordea, OP Bank, Säästöpankki,POP bank, Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, S-Bank, the Bank of Åland and LähiTapiola Bank. The payers account statement will show Checkout Finland Oy as the receiver of the payment. The payment will be transferred to the merchant by Checkout Finland Oy.


7.2 Payment by credit card


Payments by Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard, and Debit MasterCard cards are available. Card payments are made safe by Nets SSL-secured payment method. The web shop or Checkout Finland Oy has no access to your card information. No card information is stored in our systems. Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode verification are enabled if active on your card.


This shop uses services provided by Checkout Finland Oy(2196606-6) for card payments. The web shop works as a marketer of products and services, as well as a supplier of products to the customer. The web shop is responsible for the statutory trade-related and self-determined obligations. With credit card payments, the trade is between the client and Checkout Finland Oy. Checkout Finland Oy is responsible for the obligations andclaims related to card payments. Checkout is shown on the payers card invoice and transmits funds paid by the customer directly to the merchant.



8 Refunds


8.1 Video products doesnt have return policy or cancellation rights. if you have techinal problems, please, contact to The Real Bitch Company Oys customer service. The Real Bitch Company is not reliable to refund video product if customers techical equipments are not good enough to use companys web site. The Real Bitch Company is not reliable to refund video product if customer thinks that video products quality is not good enough in any way (technical, mental etc.).

8.2 In case customer have orderd a new product (un-used sex toys, clothes etc) from companys web store with a home delivery, customer is justified to return the product in 14 days. If the product is a used fan product or customized product (used panties, used sex toys, custom videos, webshows etc.) there is no return policy or cancellation rights after payment. 14 days return policy valids only with un used clothes, sex toys etc. Customer is reliable to return the product as it was delivered to the customer, un used, original package. If the product is used or its not in its original package, company is not exepting returning. 

8.3 Customer is reliable to contact to The Real Bitch Companys customer service before returning. 

8.4 When returning product, product has to be always un used, in its original package without any markings. Make sure that you send also a copy of the receipt and your bank account details for refund. If returning is defective, we send the product back to the customer with customers expense. 

8.5 Webshows/webshow package, custom videos, used fan products etc. customized products and services witch are made only based on customers wishes do not have return policy or cancellation rights. When customer have paid a customized product or service he is reliable to receive it. The Real Bitch Comapny is not making refunds of cutomized products in any cases. 



9 Products broken in a delivery


9.1 If the product you have order has damaged or broken in a delivery customer is reliable to make an indemnity notification to the postoffice, or to the bill of landing an announcment of damages with a drivers signature. Customer should always immediately check the product when its delivered. After notices you can contact to The Real Bitch customer service and make an agreement about delivering new product. 


10 Claim


10.1 If customer receives a wrong product, The Real Bitch Comapny Oy is obliged to change the product to right. Customer is obliged to inform companys customer service in 7 days of receiving the product about mistake like this. If customer informs company later than in 7 days receiving product, company is not obliged to change the product anymore. Customer returns the product without postage. Product has to be at the same condition as received when customer returns it. If the product is used, broken or marked in any way than it was when it was delivered to the customer, company returns product to customer with customers expens. Customer return product after he have made a claim. You are able to make a claim to our customer service and we will give you a direct information what to do. When The Real Bitch Company receives unused, intact product which is in its original package, company will sen a right product to customer or returns price of the product to customers bank account. 


10.2 Customized products and services, like used fan products (used panties, dildos, cards, etc.), custom videos and pics, webshows and webshow package and other type of shows etc. do not have a return policy, cancellation rights or a right to claim about the received product or service. 



11 Force majeure


The Real Bitch Company Oy  do not take responsibility if delivery of the order is prevented, gets jammed or arrives late beacuse of a reason that is coming from outside companys possibility to influence. This kind of reasons might be war, natural disaster, export- or importembargo, by authoritys decision, public traffic disturbance, or because of an any other reason that is complicating or blocking The Real Bitch Comapny Oys business. 


12 Conflict solutions


In any case this e-commerce contract causes conflights we are using Finnish law to solve conflict. Possible conflights are deald in The Real Bitch Company Oys place of domiciles district court. 




Register caption


Personal data law (523/1999) moment 10 consistent register caption


1 Name of register


The Real Bitc Company Oy customer register


2 Register holder


Name: The Real Bitch Company Oy

Business-ID: FI26493173

Adress: PL 65, 40101 JYVÄSKYLÄ, FIN

P: +358447590928

website: www.therealbitchcompany.com/www.cindysun.fi

e-mail: info@cindysun.fi


3 Person in charge of register


Name: Sini Paananen

Adress: PL 65, 40101 JYVÄSKYLÄ, FIN

P: +358447590928

e-mail: info@cindysun.fi


4 Use of register


The Real Bitch Company is collectin information about their client to register for informing and to make ordering easier for customers. Company might collect information from register to make certain statistics. You are not able to regognize individual person from these statistics. The Real Bitch Company Oy never gives information from their customer register to any third part partners. Register is totally confidential. 


5 Data content of register


* Customers username


6 Registers sours of information


* Customer


7 Registers informations moving or giving outside of EU or ETA area


The Real Bitch Company Oy never gives or move information from their customer register, not even outside EU or ETA areas.


8 Principles to protect register


Electronic customer register is in controlled data center behind customers username and password in a protected server. The Real Bitch Company and register service providerare taking care about information security in the best way they can. 


9 Inspect rights
Customer who is marked on a register holds a right to inspect his informations from register and correct defective information or ask regime controller to do it.
10 Corrections to register
Register holder must without unnecessary delay either spontaneously or for request of registered user correct, delete or complete informations from register that are false, unnecassary, defective or outdated.