Custom by Cindy Sun

Cindy Sun


Cindy Sun made a custom vid to one of her fans. Cindy was very pleased about what her fan wanted Cindy to do. First Cindy was wearing her favorite jeans and played with them and teased her fan shaking her round ass. Then Cindy put her work out leggins on her and did the same thing again, exept her camal toe was showwing and leggings seam was rubbing her clit making her pussy wet. 


Soon she tooked her top off and told her fan what she would like to do with her big boobs if her fan would have been there. Cindy is telling about her own fantasies and it is making her pussy get even more wet.


Cindy really loves to show all her intim areas to all her fans. After that she gets more comfortable, takes her dildo and masturbates talking really dirty. After that she is extremely pleased!


This video is a real custom order.


Lenght of this video is about 30mins. and it is spoken in Finnish.